Pitcher filter

Pitcher filter

Maxima pitcher filter Ecosoft is a compact and simple solution for water purification in the apartments. It does not require connection and complex maintenance. You simply pour clean water into a glass and refill the filter to pure the next batch. There is a room for a pitcher even in the most compact kitchen.

Maxima it is 3.5 liters of purified water in 7 minutes. With Maxima pither filter you can quench the thirst of even a large group of friends. Now you can drink tap water without boiling.

The filter has an elegant design, worked out to the smallest detail for maximum ease of use. The blue color of the lid and funnel will be harmoniously combined with any kitchen interior. For the convenience of filling the filter in the lid provides a hatch, easily opened with only thumb.
The hole for filling clean water is covered from dust by a moving spout, which is deflected with the water pressure. For protection of a surface of a table and reliable fixing of the filter silicone legs are situated at its bottom.

Primary water purification is carried out using a mesh, which holds large mechanical impurities. Then the water passes through filtering material Ecomix, which consists of several components.

Detains sand, rust, scale and other large impurities. Provides clarity of purified water.