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Pool bottom cleaner - PEPS 200

The pool bottom cleaner Peps 200 is the result of the research and art of development from Hexagone,

the leader in sector of commercial swimming pool cleaners. The pool bottom cleaner Peps

is the new entry to semi-public market such as hotels, camp sites, schools, condos, health

clubs and high demand private customers.

The 3 main reasons to choose the Peps :

1/ Construcion

Class-exclusive high-strength, stainless steel frame. The design is reliable and easy to maintain, it

will withstand daily use by multiple staff.

2/ Performance

The pool bottom cleaner Peps is extremely powerful with a professional pump of 37 m3/h and the largest cleaning capacity on the market (filter can hold up to 6 kg of sand). It has Hexagone revolutionary fast-rotating brushes and super power suction. This makes it the ideal partner for any swimming pool.

 3/ Smart

Equipped with a gyroscopic controller and an infra red eye, its self learn automatic mode makes the pool bottom cleaner Peps extremely fast and active completing a cycle on a 15m x 10m pool in less than 25 minutes. Using the pool bottom cleaner Peps is therefore both easy and efficient. Each pool bottom cleaner Peps ordered comes complete with transportation trolley and remote control.

Aspirates in less than 15 cm of depth thanks to its powerful pump of 37 m3/h.

Suction: 37 m3/h. Cleaning speed: 16 m/min.

Filtration capacity: 6 kg of sand. Weight: 14 kg.

Peps 200 with 30m cable.

For more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YO8V6xHKXk

Manufacturing by country – France